Brian Hughes

Meet Trustee Brian

My concerns around mental health stem from my work in the NHS, where I planned services for people with mental health issues, as well as from struggles with mental health and addiction within my family. This has meant mental health has been a concern of mine for many years.

As a trustee, I feel I bring an eye to good governance as this is an area I have much experience in. I have also undertaken a lot of work with the public. As a result, I have experience in dealing with the community and ensuring we involve them in everything we do. I believe it is important to create strong links between trustees and the communities we serve. I am also able to provide a critical eye to board papers.

I have a particular passion for mental health support for school-age children. I feel that as a society we do not prepare school children enough for the trials and tribulations that come with growing up and, as a result, they can be left struggling mentally. I feel we can do more to build their emotional resilience and help them to process their feelings. I am also a volunteer with the Samaritans which has shown me how opening up about our feelings can help people to succeed.

Society has come a long way in mental health support but we need to do more to encourage people to seek help when they need it.

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