Denise Carroll

Meet Trustee Denise

For about 19 years, I was on the Board of Shoreham District Health Authority, during which time I played an active role in the purchase of the Corner House. This included attending council planning meetings and allaying the fears of the local community. Of course, I also played a part in the merger with Coastal West Sussex Mind, then becoming West Sussex Mind.

I have been involved with the welfare of people and their mental health for many years, especially when, as an army officer's wife, it was expected that I should visit all the wives on a regular basis, particularly those experiencing depression, home sickness, loneliness and isolation.

Later, for about 25 years, I supplied stoma bags, visiting hundreds of people on a monthly basis. Many of them needed help in coming to terms with a major change in life. I also served on the Brighton and Hove Macmillan committee, organising many events.

I have experienced mental health problems, family-wise, whcih makes me more determined to help those with problems.

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