Treasure hunts: new ones to download

Our new treasure hunts will keep you busy whatever the weather. Why not download one here for just a suggested fiver donation and see how you get on?

Looking for a fun activity to keep yourself or the family busy? We've created some treasure hunts that you can do either online or in person.

Our online and in-person treasure hunts will help you learn more about the areas we work in. There's so much to find out about our seaside and maritime history, our countryside, and the people who have links with beautiful West Sussex.

What's more, by 'keeping learning', you'll be doing one of the Five Ways to Well-being, known to be excellent for both physical and mental health

The West Sussex Mind Treasure Hunts are each downloadable for a suggested donation of just £5 which will go towards our Winter Appeal and help us continue supporting people with their mental health.

Answers to the online treasure hunts can all be found by searching the internet (or maybe using your local knowledge). You'll need to get out and about to answer the in person hunts so you could do these once government restrictions are relaxed. Please ensure you follow government guidance.

When you've finished, email to let us know at, and we'll send you the answer sheet.

We aim to have more online and outdoor hunts for all the areas we cover soon. So keep checking back here.

Happy hunting!

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