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anti-stigma and awareness about mental health

Our Open Minds project tackles stigma and discrimination about mental health. Find out here how to get involved

Raising awareness and challenging stigma

One of West Sussex Mind's key aims is to raise awareness and challenge stigma and discrimination around mental health. Stigma causes real distress and difficulty to people living with mental health problems. It stops people seeking the help they need and prevents them from valuing themselves and developing the confidence to be active members of the community.

Our anti-stigma project, Open Minds, aims to break down the myths and stereotypes and to increase knowledge and understanding around mental health. Central to the project are our Open Mind 'champions' - people who have lived experience of mental health problems who are involved in our workshops and events, often sharing their own personal stories.

We run our workshops in community groups, workplaces for employers and employees, to GPs, health centre staff, schools and colleges. They are usually one hour and are tailored to the setting and organisation.

"When people share their stories of recovery, this can inspire others, and encourage hope amongst other people, as well as helping to reduce stigma."

Some of our achievements so far

In just over two years so far there have been:

  • 54 anti-stigma and awareness workshops, with 1,128 hearing a champion's personal testimony
  • 31 stalls at events, with information and conversations with 2,544 people
  • 400 people involved in large-scale public events
  • 18 arts and workshps events, with 2,188 people speaking with champions and our staff about mental health while taking part in artistic activities
  • 380 school children attending anti-stigma workshops.


Becoming an Open Minds champion

If you are interested in joining our Open Minds team there are many ways you can be involved. We have a variety of actitivies to suit everyone and are always open to ideas.

Call us on 01902 277000 or fill in the volunteer application form and email it to

To find out more take a look at our volunteer champion role profile.

Interested in booking a workshop with us?

Our job is to get people in our communities to talk about mental health, to be open, to explore and to see a person as a whole. 

If you would like to discuss and arrange a visit to your organisation or group, please contact Louisa Hernandez

Get involved

"We want to end the discrimination and judgement that people experiencing mental health issues face."

Louisa Hernandez, project co-ordinator

Please support us

No one should have to face a mental health problem alone. We’re a charity and rely on your support to continue our work. Find out how you can donate and give someone hope.


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Crisis support

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