Our previous awareness campaigns

Find out about our campaigns which all encourage openness about mental health in our communities

West Sussex Mind’s mental health anti-stigma campaign, launched in 2019, focused on people’s kind acts.

Human Kindness for Open Mindness was named by the charity’s Open Minds champions and features stories and experiences of acts of kindness that people feel have helped with their mental health. These were printed on pocket-sized kindness cards, included in mini well-being boxes and given to the public to raise awareness and start conversations.

One of our Open Minds champions, Mark, helps out with our campaign at Colonnade House in Worthing during Mental Health Awareness Week

Mark Maund cropped

We asked people who came to our well-being boxes 'pic 'n mix' store what kindness meant to them. We loved this young person's answer:

We gave away over 2,500 self-care well-being boxes packed full of ideas to support mental health. We then reached out to schools and gave out even more well-being boxes.

We are all about the conversation and look for creative ways to have them and to listen. Champions have fantastic conversations with members of the public who drop in on our events.

West Sussex Rocks campaign

Inspired by the painting of messages on pebbles and pebble painting parties, we created a campaign to connect people across the county. West Sussex Rocks inspired people to create, collaborate and celebrate.

We encouraged people to see that just as many pebbles make a shoreline, many people make a movement. We wanted them to challenge the stony stigma of silence by being active about mental health.

We worked in collaboration with our Open Minds champions, artists, theatre and film design students from Northbrook MET college and Mel, the amazing sign-writing volunteer.

West Sussex Rocks was a campaign for connecting

Our other campaigns and events we've had previously:

  • People, Puzzles, Pathways – suicide awareness
  • What's mine is yours! What Mind is yours? – collective thinking about mental health
  • Messages on Mandalas – reflective messages drawn on painted Mandalas.

Events, stalls, radio, Instagrammers, influencers and writers, videos and photographers, designers, techies, creatives, fundraisers, community groups, libraries, schools, employers... we always need help to reach more people. Come and join our team. We all have a role and can help turn awareness into action

Louisa, project manager

To get involved in our community awareness and anti-stigma campaigns, please email louisa.hernandez@westsussexmind.org.

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