Our Moving Minds campaign

For summer 2021, we are focusing on our Moving Minds campaign which includes capturing movement, photographic stories and kite making and flying

Our Moving Minds project has been in the making for a year. We had a false start in 2020 due to Covid 19 but it made us more determined to try to describe the essence of what movement and mental health mean in relation to one another.

We are reminded that the movement we may take for granted can slam on its brakes during a period of poor mental health and the effort it can take to move and connect is enormous and can at times be insurmountable. It can take great courage to move into a different mental space. When we start to move, we can connect with it, find comfort and feel refreshed.

In addition to reducing movement for many, the pandemic also meant more people were isolated. We know that many people have been struggling with their mental health, many of them for the first time.

Our community is so important in how people recover and belong. We want to make sure people know where to get support and, moreover, ensure stigma does not prevent people from getting that support.

Our Moving Minds campaign, which is part of our Open Minds anti-stigma and awareness project, continues through the summer with activities.  As with all our projects, it is inspired by the insight and creativity of our Champions, who all have mental health experiences.

Thank you to all the Open Mind Champions: Kasha, Keira, James, Christine, Hannah, Ethan, Penny, Sarah, Roy, Chris and Willis who made this project and to photographer and volunteer James Brown who used his lens to help tell the story

Louisa Hernandez, Open Minds Manager
James Brown, photographer and Open Minds volunteer

James Brown is a portrait, editorial and advertising photographer, capturing people and environments with a natural sense of storytelling. His work has an authentic, reportage feel.

Alongside his work with brands, his passion for car culture has led to commissions with leading names in collector-grade car consignments, historic motorsport and restoration, bringing to life stories of the craftsmen, drivers and heritage.

James was keen to offer his skills to West Sussex Mind as it was a cause close to his heart. The experience of working with West Sussex Mind's Champions has been varied and deeply rewarding. To see the courage and challenges they have faced has been hugely inspirational. His photos of our Champions feature on this website and were also displayed in an exhibition at Colonnade House in Worthing through May.

A poem for Mental Health Awareness Week by one of our champions, Keira, in a film animated by Imo Ettridge

Grant Mulford, service user and champion, shares his insight and experiences of Moving Minds through his poetry too. Read it here

If you'd like to find out more about our Moving Minds campaign, or would like to get involved in our work challenging stigma, we'd love to hear from you

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