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User Involvement at the Gateway

We want you to be active participants in all we do that affects you

Have your say on our draft strategy

We have drafted a plan for West Sussex Mind, for the next five years - and want your views on how it's shaping up.

This plan will help us be clear about what we want to achieve and should be prioritizing. We want it to have been co-produced, with active input and feedback from all of our service users, staff, volunteers, members, supporters and other people who have an interest in our work.

Read it here

... and then please complete this survey (which will only take a few minutes) with your thoughts and feedback. Many thanks for your help.

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Involving our service users

West Sussex Mind places the people who use our services at the heart of everything. This is where you, a service user, can help West Sussex Mind shape our services to reflect how you want to be supported.  Your lived experience and knowledge of what works for you is invaluable information. So you can ensure we continue to maintain and improve our services.

We regularly carry out surveys to collect your views on how we're doing. You can read our latest service user survey here and our latest carers survey here.

Opportunities for you to get involved:

  • Giving feedback

This can be about a course, during a one-to-one, chatting to staff, via the feedback cards or suggesting a group or activity.

  • Service user forum 

This is held every month to discuss feedback, to highlight upcoming events, activities and groups. All service users are welcome.

  • Projects

There are also projects which need your input. These range from developing the website, reviewing policies and creating a welcome pack to regular garden, reading and art/craft groups.

  • Open Minds

Open Minds is a part of CWSX Mind that campaigns to reduce the stigma of mental health. You can become a Champion, provide a personal testimony or learn to tell your story. If we all share our ideas, we can change the negative perception of mental health. Find out more about Open Minds here.

  • Your Say!

The annual survey. You can help with the design, ensure the questions asked are relevant and take part in survey testing. Once collated, we report back the results. Read our 2017 survey and response here.

  • Interview panels

Your input is vital in helping us interview potential new members of staff. We like to have a pool of people to represent the diversity of those who ise our services.

  • Service user development group

You can join staff in the setting the direction for the work to be done and looking at opportunities for involvement. This group meets monthly.

  • Peer mentoring 

These are people who feel able to support others who need reassurance with a situation or wish to achieve a goal. Peer mentors can also help or run a course. You will be assessed and there is a 10-week course which provides a Laser Level 1 qualification in peer mentoring.

  • Service user trustees. 

You can support the charity’s development by taking part in board meetings. Training and support from senior management is provided.

Why service user involvement is important to us:

Having your say, and influencing the way we work, benefits everybody. Those within the charity, who do not have lived experience, receive a better understanding of what it is really like to have a mental health issue and how diverse the support needs to be.

You benefit from the positive environment and safe space created by sharing knowledge /experience.  Your input will be recognised and valued, improving your self-esteem.  Training is provided for some roles and, where applicable, travel expenses.


I'm interested in getting involved. What do I do?

If you'd like to get involved, please call us for a chat on 01903 277000 or email If you're interested in becoming a peer mentor, please email

Get involved

“Initially I was surprised to be asked to be part of the interview process and doubted I would be able to cope. The staff, however, were very supportive and made me feel my observations and perceptions were valued. I got to see, first hand, how important service users are and the positive regard the staff have towards us. I’m glad that I was able to do something for CWS Mind, as they have been invaluable in my journey.”

A service user

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