Resources for families with young children

Here you can find some useful information about mental health and well-being for expectant and new parents.

Some of these factsheets were produced by Mind Cymru with support from the Welsh Government. If you would like more information about what support is available locally, with West Sussex Mind, please email

It is common to feel somewhat ‘on edge’ during this perinatal time, especially if this is your first baby, and it is common to experience the ‘baby blues’ for three to five days after giving birth. But if during pregnancy you are feeling very low or anxious or after the birth your low and anxious feelings persist, please take a look at some of this information and seek help from your GP, midwife or health visitor.

Perinatal mental health for new and expecting parents

Perinatal mental health for partners, family members and carers

Perinatal mental health for primary care professionals

Traumatic birth and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

National Mind booklet on postnatal depression and perinatal health, covering various mental health conditions.

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