New free suicide prevention online training

suicide prevention online training

We've received generous funding to arrange this training for anyone working or volunteering for a community support organisation in West Sussex

You could save a life with our new, FREE on-line suicide prevention training

We have arranged some new suicide prevention training for anyone working or volunteering for a community organisation in West Sussex. This is in response to the potential increased risk of suicide due to the current crisis.

Most people are surprised to learn they are much more likely to meet someone thinking about suicide than someone who needs CPR. This is never more so than in these extremely challenging times. Yet suicide is preventable and, with the right skills, you can save a life. 

West Sussex Mind has received generous funding from local authorities to offer this training through Living Works. We've also been given some extra funding to make the same training available to parents and carers. The programme is suitable for anyone aged 16 and over. Safety resources and support are available throughout the training.

Living Works START is a proven programme that can help you:

  • become comfortable talking about suicide
  • keep someone safe in times of distress
  • support friends and co-workers
  • build professional skills
  • have peace of mind, knowing you are ready to help.

What people are saying about this training:

"I was a little anxious at first but the training was great. I feel much better prepared to help people now." - Sophie - programmer and hospital volunteer

"This is so near and dear to my heart. It's so good to have a programme that can reach teens too." - Ella, teacher and mother of two.

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Note: we are aware that some people have had difficulty in accessing their LivingWorks START training once they have crested an account. LivingWorks is in the process of completing an upgrade to the training portal and are aware that some users are missing the START program from their listed training. They are currently in the process of completing this and are hopeful that they will have the update completed shortly. You will receive an enrollment email once the course has been added back into your portal.

Thank you for your patience and I apologise for the delay.


More about the training

Based on best practices in online curriculum development, LivingWorks Start is designed in a modular fashion, following a 'teach'', 'simulation' , 'debrief' approach to teaching and reinforcing each key skill. This allows learners to increase their skills and knowledge at a comfortable pace, as well as balance their personal safety with the challenging content. 

A range of teaching methods are built into the programme, including:

  • narrated coaching
  • allowing learners to hear the lived experience of someone with thoughts of suicide
  • text message simulations
  • video simulations
  • practice scenarios (video simulations and text message simulations).


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