Online training

All our training options are currently being offered online with either e-learning courses or webinars led by one of our specialist trainers

Mental health training

We are pleased to be able much of our training free to you, thanks to funding and grants we have secured from local authorities and other organisations. This includes our wide range of e-learning for the parents and carers of children and young people.

Some of our training options are offered to you at a reduced cost where we have been able to attain funding to subsidise these courses. These include workshops for professionals such as teachers and youth leaders who work with young people.

Other, usually more in-depth, webinars and courses are also available. These options are ideal for workplaces and employers looking to increase the skills and understanding around mental health with their staff.

The best thing was learning how I could give young people the skills to control stress and manage situations

Free short mental health online modules for anyone

Anyone is welcome to do these three short modules to help us face challenges at certain times in our lives. These modules look at what the impact of poor mental health can be on ourselves and our families and friends, what we can do to support our own mental health, that of those we care for and in our wider community, and where to find help if things start to go wrong. All in all, looking after your mental health is a priority, probably now more than ever.

Module 1 : Mental health awareness - Why I should know more, what good mental health is and the impact of stigma:

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Module 2: Common mental health conditions - depression, anxiety, eating disorders, personality disorders, psychosis, gaming disorder, self-harm and suicide

Module 2 -Start now (Opens in a new Tab)

Module 3: Helping people recover, working at well-being, putting it all together

Module 3 -Start now (Opens in a new Tab)

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