Share our suicide prevention campaign

You can help by spreading the word. You can also give us your stories and experiences to inspire others. Find out more here

Mental health issues and suicide risk have increased through the pandemic.

That's why we need you to help by spreading these three important messages of this campaign as much as possible. This could help save people's lives:

  1. If you're feeling suicidal, help is here for you right now
  2. You can learn to support someone else (through a free, short training or from tips right here)
  3. Share your own story or experience to inspire others, provide hope, or about what you learnt on a suicide prevention training.

Join the Preventing Suicide campaign: download our social media tool kit here and start spreading the word.

I want to help. What can I do?

  • Share the links to our web pages about the support available for those feeling suicidal and to the free training on your social media
  • Follow West Sussex Mind on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @WestSussexMind and share and comment on our posts about the campaign
  • Talk to your friends and family so they know about this campaign and can share the information too
  • If you work with the public (in a hair salon, taxi or bar, for example), chat to people about the campaign
  • If you do one of our two suicide prevention training options, tell people and share about it on your social media
  • Put up one of our posters or have our fliers handy.

If you have a story to share

Email with your story and we'll post on our website. Let us know if you wish to remain anonymous.

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