Becoming comfortable in my own skin: Marilyn's story

September 2022

Marilyn speaks about her struggle with depression and loneliness and the positive impact joining the West Sussex Mind singing group has had on her mental well-being

I’ve been struggling with depression and loneliness for some time and have had one-to-one support with West Sussex Mind and been involved in its “get-together” groups.

I wanted to get involved with other activities, so when one of the support workers suggested the singing group, I jumped straight at the opportunity.

I had some experience singing with two choirs and I was excited about joining West Sussex Mind’s singing group. I've been going along for around six weeks now and it has had a really positive impact on my life and helps me manage my mental health.

The group helps me get out of the house and gets me meeting other people. As someone who has been struggling with loneliness, this is particularly important and valuable to me.

I love the singing itself and the songs we perform provide an amazing creative outlet and means of expression, which helps my mental health. I particularly enjoy the different styles of singing we do in the group, which allow for even more experimentation and creativity.

Being involved with the group has helped increase my confidence.

Whenever I was going out, I used to wear a coat - even in the summer - but now I no longer wear a coat, as I feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin.


The group has really helped me with my mental health journey and I have been encouraging others to join. It’s always good to try out new things and it can have a really positive effect on your mental well-being.