Our impact

We make a real difference to people's lives

Through our work, our aims are:

  • For more people in West Sussex to have a better understanding of how they can look after their mental health and well-being to prevent mental health problems from developing
  • To support more people with mental health problems, including more from diverse communities and rural areas
  • That more people we support will move into volunteering and employment
  • For people to feel less stigmatised and isolated and to feel able to ask for help when they need it.

How we demonstrate our impact

Surveys and questionnaires: we ask individuals we're supporting questions at regular intervals to assess whether our work is making a difference. We do an annual survey of all of our service users to ask them what benefits they get from our support as well as how we can make improvements.

After each training course or anti-stigma workshop, we ask participants what benefits they have gained from the session.

Case studies and stories: one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate our impact is be hearing the stories from the people we support in their own words.

Annual impact report: our annual impact report is a summary of the impact we consider we have made over the previous year.

Littlehampton man: "Mind has shown me how to relax and how to deal with my anxiety better".
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