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The work we do makes a real difference to people's lives

Making a difference

Through our work we want to:

  • change attitudes and increase knowledge and understanding around mental health so that people living with mental health problems feel less stigmatized and isolated and ask for help when they need it

  • help people with mental health problems to achieve their own personal goals to enable them to get the support they need and effectively to manage difficulties themselves and be socially connected.  

How we demonstrate the impact we are making

  • Surveys and questionnaires – Where we are supporting individuals we ask them questions at regular intervals to assess whether our work is making a difference. Once a year we do an annual survey of all of our service users to ask them what benefits they get from our services as well as how we can make improvements. Read our 2017 annual survey here. At the end of every training course and Open Minds workshop we run we ask participants to say how the session has benefited them. For some courses we follow this up after a few months to see how people have used the learning from the course. 


  • Case studies and stories – We think the most powerful way to demonstrate the impact we are making is for people who have benefited to tell the difference our support has made in their own words. We ask individuals to write these down so we can share them and also to speak about their experiences at events.

  • Annual impact report – Our annual impact report is a summary of the impact we consider we have made over the previous year.

Our latest annual impact report

Please click here to read our Impact Report 2018 which highlights how appropriate support can make a real difference to people who are experiencing mental health problems.

To read our annual report and financial statement year ending 31st March 2018 please click here 

Our impact, your stories

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