What happens when I get help?

What to expect when you have support with West Sussex Mind

Please note:

West Sussex Mind will be closed on Wednesday October 20 for a staff development day. We will return on Thursday October 21 at 9am.
You can still leave a voicemail on our Help Point on 0300 3030 5652 or email helppoint@westsussexmind.org.

We want to reassure you

If you’re thinking of coming to us for support with your mental health, you might be wondering what your first conversation with us will be like. We want to explain what happens and to reassure you that we are friendly and welcoming.

If you call our Help Point on 0300 303 5652, you will speak with one of our team of trained and experienced staff and volunteers. We will listen to you and talk through your needs. We won’t make any judgements or tell you what to do.

Or you can complete the short form below. Whether you contact our Help Point or use the form, our team will call you back within three working days.

Depending on the reason you get in touch, our Help Point staff may:

  • pass your details onto our mental health recovery team
  • give you well-being advice
  • show you where to find videos and information so you can help yourself
  • talk through a diagnosis
  • let you know what treatments or support options are available in the community.

Our Help Point team are ready to answer your call or email

Your first session

Your one-to-one appointment could be via video call, phone or in person at one of our support hubs.

In our first session, we want to see what your needs are and what support is the most appropriate for you – and what sort of support you’re interested in.

We’ll ask you for a brief overview of your mental health history. But it’s totally up to you what you share in your one-to-one. It is helpful for us to have an appreciation of your mental health and to know what you are experiencing now so that we can help you.

Everything you say is confidential – unless something gives us concern about your own safety or someone else’s.

We’ll ask you what your goals are and how you think you’d like to achieve that. This can help us focus our support for you. An example of a goal, say for someone who has not been working for a while, might be to feel less isolated.

We’ll let you know about our online groups, in-person sessions, social opportunities and courses. We want you to be reassured that if you’re feeling low, anxious, or you’re not working, you are not going to be judged.

If you have support with West Sussex Mind, we will expect you to work with us to develop a support plan. This plan will outline what you think you need, what help is available, and how we could support you. It will also include goals which you'll set for yourself.

You can call our Help Point, Monday to Friday, 11am-3pm on
0300 303 5652

or email helppoint@westsussexmind.org

Ready for help? Simply complete the short form here. We aim to get back to you within three working days.

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