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We run training for businesses and organisations for managers and staff face to face or online . If you don't see exactly what you want, please contact us to arrange a bespoke solution

The training was excellent! I am already sharing with colleagues some of the really useful information I got from attending. Have advised that they book themselves on as soon as possible.


How do I know which training courses to choose?

Making the choice of the most relevant learning and development for yourself or your staff can be difficult. You probably know the broad area that you want to increase skills in and, as a starting point, you might want to consider the following:

  • Am I just thinking about myself or how many staff am I talking about?
  • Everyone - or just those in specific roles?
  • Do some roles or areas need a deeper level of learning than others?
  • Would it work if all staff had a basic awareness and others were the 'specialists' ? How fast do I need to get this learning out across my organisation?

If you need easily accessible, quickly available awareness-level learning, then an e-learning course is a good starting point. We have free or low-cost e-learning for adult mental health as well as children and young people and autism and ADHD. For a limited time there is also free suicide prevention training (Living Works START) available.

If you then want to target a smaller group of staff to develop a deeper level of understanding of the subject, then a webinar or virtual learning event is your next choice. This gives you or your staff the chance to talk to highly skilled and experienced trainers as well as to others in the same situation about the issues in their workplace or community and how ideas for supporting mental health could work in practice.

When we are running events for your organisation, we can work with your HR team to ensure your policies and procedures are integrated into the event. We keep our charges as low as possible and funding is sometimes available to support or subsidise events of this type, so do ask.

If you think of learning as layers, you can see how you can build knowledge and skills from a basic understanding to a deeper ability to shape culture and support groups and individuals in a whole range of settings.

Please contact our training team for further advice, to receive our latest brochure or to book a course or webinar now:

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