Kasha (he/him)

Meet EDI panel member, Kasha, who is passionate about changing attitudes to mental health among minority groups

I have been a volunteer for West Sussex for the best part of eight years. I started volunteering when I realised that mental health wasn't spoken about enough, which resulted in a lot of shame and stigma. During this time, I learned that minority groups were among the least open in talking about mental health and I really wanted to change this.

Having campaigned for mental health awareness, I feel I can bring my personal journey as someone from a minority group, along with all the things I have learned about my own mental health.

It is my strong belief that if we want to support each other better, we need to understand each other and speak about the real difficulties we live with. This initiative is a brilliant way for us to do that – a way to bridge the gap between communities and people of all walks of life. 

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