Covid-19 Crisis Appeal

July 2020

The current crisis means we are losing thousands of pounds in fundraising income. Please support us by making an urgent donation. Thank you

Please support our appeal

The Coronavirus crisis means we are losing thousands of pounds of fundraised income, at a time when the need for mental health support is growing.

We've quickly adapted to help people by phone and online and are very much still here for people seeking support. Issues being faced at this very difficult time include:

  • anxiety
  • increased stress levels
  • depression
  • increased risk of suicide
  • extreme stress for people on the frontline, such as doctors, nurses
  • post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • financial difficulties due to the crisis
  • struggles with isolation
  • strained relationships where people are confined together
  • bereavement, especially when it has not been possible to hold a normal funeral or visit a loved one in hospital
  • people who already have mental health problems finding the challenging situation making them feel worse
  • young people struggling with university, college or school work alone at home.

West Sussex Mind is here to offer support.

I have been amazed at the support they were able to offer. I was given lots of helpful suggestions. If you are suffering at home in isolation with increased mental health issues, I can recommend you contact West Sussex Mind for I believe you will not regret doing so


We urgently need your help. Please make a donation so we can continue our important work, supporting people with mental health needs in this unprecedented time. We’re a charity and we couldn’t continue our work without your help. Thank you.