Bognor Regis Golf Club Captain raises £10,947 for West Sussex Mind

July 2024

From raffles and auctions to golf competitions, Bognor Regis Golf Club captain, Stanley Riseborough, led a host of fundraising activities this year to support our charity

Bognor Regis Golf Club member, Stanley, was nominated as the 2023-2024 captain and chose West Sussex Mind as his charity.

Stanley chose us as his charity of the year because of his views about the importance of mental health – something which he attributes to his background working in mental health services: "As someone with a background working in mental health services, I am familiar with how mental health can impact people and the potential negative consequences of poor mental wellbeing. So I decided that I wanted to support a mental health charity."

Stanley explained that he was further motivated to choose West Sussex Mind because of his concerns about the impact of Covid on people's mental health, particularly young people.

"Covid has had a very substantial effect on the mental health of people, particularly young people," says Stanley. "This impact has been very negative and this further spurred me on to fundraise in support of West Sussex Mind."

Stanley, and other members of the club, fundraised in a wide variety of fun ways, including competitions to see who could hit the ball the furthest, a competition against a golf pro and even some golf rounds with old clubs.

A massive thank you to Stanley and everybody else at the Bognor Regis Golf Club who fundraised in support of West Sussex Mind this past year!