Fundraise through gaming

Whether you play Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo or on PC, you can fundraise for West Sussex Mind in a wide variety of ways and have fun gaming at the same time

Here are some suggestions of how to raise money for West Sussex Mind through gaming:

  • Hold a gaming event or tournament. Gaming tournaments are a great way to get the competitive energy flowing and show off your gaming skills. With a prize for the winner of the tournament, you could charge per entry/ticket
  • Host an online gaming tournament. An online gaming competition allows you to raise money without having to provide a venue, games console or PC, and other expenses which can drive up the cost of an in-person gaming tournament. Hosting it online can enable more people to attend and enable people with mobility issues to join too
  • Host a gaming night with friends and family. Set up refreshments and Invite friends and family over to your house for a gaming night. By charging a small amount for entry, you can fundraise and have fun.
  • Stream games online. Streaming is both a great way to fundraise but also raise awareness of our charity. Twitch and YouTube are the most popular streaming websites and they are free to stream on. Streaming also enables you to play games in a variety of ways - you could play single player games, play competitive multiplayer games, or play more casually with friends. You could even stream a gaming marathon.
  • Quiz night. A quiz night might seem a bit old hat but, by using a video game franchise as a theme for a quiz, you can test who is the biggest fan! Host a quiz at your house or local venue and invite friends, family and people from your local community.
Unsure what games to play?

Deciding upon what game to play can be daunting and confusing due to the sheer number of games around, knowing what games are appropriate and also knowing what games are currently popular.

Here are some games you could play:

  • Fortnite is a great competitive game that is popular, particularly among a younger audience
  • Looking for a game suitable for a younger and wider fan base? Minecraft is a great choice as a creative and family-friendly game. It is the best-selling video game of all time with a large and diverse fan base. Pokémon is another great game that is family-friendly and popular
  • Call of Duty or Halo are popular multiplayer games and are especially great for tournaments and competitive events. However, they may not be suitable for all and wider audiences due to their violent nature.
  • Fancy something sporty? Sports games such as Fifa are another great option if you are looking for a multiplayer game.
  • Certain popular games are exclusively played online and multiplayer, making them good for competitions and tournaments. These include Counter-Strike, Valorant, Apex Legends and more.

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