Our social activities

From arts and crafts and running groups to 'get-togethers' and poetry groups, our social activities help you build confidence and make connections with others experiencing similar problems

Once you are receiving support with us and you feel ready, we offer opportunities to get involved with our social activities programme as part of your recovery journey.

Our social activities offer you the chance to meet with other service users, get out and about, share experiences and build self-esteem in the community.

We run a range of activities – from quizzes and running groups to ‘get togethers’ and crafts – across all our adult recovery services, both online and in person at different locations across West Sussex. We run over 120 groups each month, led by our staff and volunteers, and they all offer an opportunity to try something new, build confidence and share experiences in a safe and mutually supportive environment.

See our latest social activities programme to see what you could get involved in

Social activities timetable June-July 2024

We're a member of Pathfinder West Sussex

As a member of Pathfinder West Sussex, our support hubs are linked to a network of mental health services across the county. Pathfinder West Sussex is an alliance of organisations working together to enable people with mental health support needs, and their carers, to improve their mental health and well-being.

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