West Sussex Mind running groups reach six-week milestone in 0-5k challenge

January 2022

A huge congratulations to our Shoreham and Worthing beginner running groups who have just passed the six-week mark in their 12-week Get Active Challenge.

The two groups are run by our volunteer running coaches, Esther, Nina, Kirstin and Claire, and have clearly made a marked positive impact on the well-being of those who have taken part.

One of the runners noted: “I’m actually seeing the improvement each week already”, whilst another attendee said that the group running sessions are a “good [way] to get out of the house and see other people”.

The group coaches specifically noted the importance and value of being part of a group, with one coach noting that there are “at least a couple of people talking about the power of the group in motivating them”. Meanwhile, another coach was told by an attendee that, on the first week he attended, “he would have given up if it wasn’t for [others] running ahead of him”.

Significantly one coach spoke about how rewarding it was that an attendee “[had] really opened up and felt comfortable in our company… it felt like they really trusted us, which was lovely.”

The groups are part of the Get Active challenge programme from national Mind and ASICS, the running brand. As part of this programme, our volunteers in Shoreham and Worthing completed Leadership in Running Fitness training from England Athletics to enable them to lead running groups for up to 12 people. We are extremely grateful to Esther, Nina, Kirstin and Claire for their amazing efforts.

Help Point, social support and volunteering service manager Abbie Wraige said: “I was really impressed by the level of progress made by the group ­– in terms of their ability to jog for longer durations, their dedication and drive to improve, despite them clearly finding it a challenge. I think this is real testament to our coaches.”

Now that the runners have reached week six of their programme, they each receive £140 worth of vouchers from ASICS to spend on running shoes. We congratulate them for their efforts so far and wish them luck in completing the rest of their 12-week challenge.

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