Our strategy and plans

We plan to improve services, raise awareness about mental health and promote understanding

Our vision

We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect.

Our mission

We will promote good mental health through the provision of high quality services and through campaigning to improve services, raise awareness and understanding.

Our values

We are equitable: we treat people fairly, with respect and show empathy and kindness

We are open: we reach out to anyone who needs us​ and we listen, respond and are inclusive

We work together: we're stronger in partnerships

We are curious: we learn from each other, our partners, the community and through development

We are unstoppable: we have passion, independence and speak out fearlessly

We strive for excellence: we are motivated and driven to work to the best of our ability to provide great services.

What we do

  • We provide high-quality mental health support services in towns and rural communities in West Sussex
  • Where there are gaps in provision and people need help, we campaign for new services to be provided and we do everything we can to meet these needs
  • We tackle stigma and raise awareness around mental health and well-being and engage with and in local communities across West Sussex to do this
  • We train and enable professionals, carers and parents to provide support around mental health and manage their own mental health and well-being effectively.

West Sussex Mind Strategic Plan 2020-2025

West Sussex Mind Business Plan 2024-2025

West Sussex Mind Final Accounts 2023

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