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Kerrin, Katie & Denise

Meet our managers

Katie Glover, chief executive

My job is to ensure the organisation is properly run, the board of trustees is working well, that we have good quality plans and services as well as the funding and staffing to be able to deliver them. I'm also responsible for making sure we are well connected with other services and the communities in which we work.

Kerrin Page, deputy chief executive

I take the lead on our services, working with our managers to make sure they are well run, safe and effective. I oversee all our policies and how these are agreed by our committees. In addition, I support chief executive Katie Glover in her role, including covering when she is away.

Diana Bates

My job is to manage the mental health service for adults over 18 in Worthing and the Young Person's Service for 16 - 25-year-olds in Worthing and Adur.  I am responsible for developing and providing services that are required in our local community and ensuring they are delivered to a high standard

Jo Bulis

My job is to make sure our Communities in Mind services for older people in Bognor and Chichester are at a high standard and meet the needs of those who use them. I am responsible for helping our staff provide these services efficiently and safely while ensuring they keep the people who use them at the heart of their work.

Tina Brownbill

My job is to manage the data and information that we collect on the services that we provide, and to oversee how we use it to show the impact of our services for the local community. I also lead on service improvement, through reviewing the quality of existing services and helping to develop new ones, and I also assist with ensuring that our policies are up to date and fit for purpose.

Denise Gibbs

My job is to manage the effective running of all business support functions for West Sussex Mind. This is a varied role and includes things like IT and human resources to ensure services have what they need to run. I also lead on other areas such as business administration, premises, contracting and supporting Katie and the Board with corporate governance.

Toni Holloway

My job is to manage the mental health services for people of all ages in Midhurst. I am responsible for ensuring the support we offer is provided efficiently and at a high standard. I also work to maintain links with other organisations and people within the community.

Rupert Murrell

My role is the digital services design lead at West Sussex Mind.

I am responsible for developing great digital services to complement the high quality services offered in our centres. I work closely with our service users to add useful, accessible and appropriate technology to our range of support services.

Maxine Thomas

My role is to manage the mental health service for adults over 18 in the Littlehampton area and the young person’s service for 16 to 25-year-olds in the Littlehampton and Bognor districts. I am responsible for developing and providing services that are delivered effectively, efficiently and of good quality.

Debbie Watkins

My job is to raise West Sussex Mind's profile, ensuring we are well represented at local events. I am responsible for community fundraising activities and for communications and marketing. My aim is that people know about the services we provide, our work raising mental health awareness and our need to raise money to fund this important work.

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