About the EDI co-production panel

What our panel does, goals and values and who's who

Who we are

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) panel is dedicated to co-producing projects and services for West Sussex Mind. Each of our members has lived experience of mental health conditions and comes from various backgrounds and communities.

The panel meets once a month to develop projects and discuss ways to improve access for everyone to West Sussex Mind's services. The panel's make-up reflects communities that we feel we aren't reaching out to enough.

The panel also connects to the EDI Working Group at West Sussex Mind, which is responsible for our wider EDI and community outreach work. This means the panel can discuss and provide feedback for projects in development and promote equality, diversity, inclusion and co-production within the organisation.

Goals and values

As a panel, we are all deeply committed to the values of equality, diversity, inclusion and co-production. We encourage a safe and supportive environment for our members to discuss topics with respect and understanding.

We are currently developing our co-production web pages to provide transparency on how we develop our projects and to encourage individuals to give feedback and have their say about West Sussex Mind's work. By co-producing these pages with a diverse group, we are confident that we can deliver content that is inclusive, relevant and impactful. We are curious to know what you think.

Who's who

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Meet Kayla (she/her), the panel chair

Meet Alison (she/her)

Meet Ali (she/her)

If you're interested in joining our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion co-production panel, please contact the panel team at edipanel@westsussexmind.org

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