Christine's story

Champion Christine shares her story as part of our Moving Minds campaign

My name is Christine Brunton. I’m 50 and I’m supporting West Sussex Mind's Moving Minds campaign because it has inspired me to continue on my journey.

I have been moving more for about a year now and, because I have physical disabilities and was very out of condition, I knew I had to start very slowly. I began on the lowest level possible and very slowly increased my mobility before I could even consider improving my strength.

I had to learn to stop punishing myself for not achieving any goals and to be mindful that what I was doing was of benefit to my brain and my body.

I joined a local rehabilitation gym where reconditioning was encouraged. I went twice a week and tried to fit in a walk from home as well.

I was so excited to be finally doing something for me that benefited my whole being. Going out for a walk down roads I’ve never been down before and admiring the properties and their gardens and wondering where I would end up was the buzz I needed to keep going.

In four months:

I lost one and half stone, just because I was being more active

I rediscovered my ability to go out for a walk for fun

I found purpose in my life again

I found the strength to want to live and started doing more activities that I enjoyed

I learnt to forgive myself and love myself more.

My message to you is to try to find something that you will enjoy doing and embrace the excitement of each little step. Forgive yourself if you have a bad day or, as I call them, a rest day. Then pick yourself up when you are ready and continue that journey of enjoying life again.

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