Ethan shares his story

Champion Ethan shares his story as part of our Moving Minds campaign

My name is Ethan and I'm 18 years old. I’m supporting West Sussex Mind's Moving Minds campaign because, due to my own issues with my mental health and how I used exercise and sport to overcome these, this campaign sits very close to my heart.

I've taken part in sport for my entire life but competitively for 12 years. I’m a GB biathlete and the sports I enjoy and compete in are running and swimming.

Training helps me with my mental health as it takes me to another world, moves my mind out of regular life into another. It takes my mind away from any issues or problems, lets me relax and my mind is set free.

Sometimes this is a struggle as sport can be the last thing I feel like doing. Mental health can cause me to lock myself away, make me want to see no one and do nothing. So being able to bring myself to go out and get things done can be the hardest part. However, by listening to my friends and family, counsellors and advisers, getting myself out and exercising is how I help myself and it’s why it has become one of the biggest parts of my life.

My message to you is, if there's something out there you love, something that will help you free your mind, don’t hesitate to dive head first into it, do your best at it and go out and enjoy it. You'll be so grateful you did.

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