James shares his story

Champion James shares his story as part of our Moving Minds campaign

My name is James, I am supporting West Sussex Mind's Moving Minds campaign because the meaning of movement to me is progression, moving through life, living through ups and downs and learning. There's also stillness for reflection.

There is movement in various directions, as you seek happiness, excitement, growth and contentment. When the direction of life moves, like an infinite chessboard, even the 'checkmates' can steer you to a more favourable part of the chessboard, so all movement is valued.

I enjoy the direction that movement takes me - the 'checkmate' moves are always solved and then manoeuvred into happier places when I have time spent by the sea, on the beach. The senses come alive, when the perfect balance of nature’s movement from the sea, the wind and the clouds, are balanced with the stillness of the sun, the air, and the peace.

The movement of changing tides cleanses somehow. This best describes my recovery from several traumatic and stressful years that ended nine years ago. The beach was my therapy, the movement and stillness balanced for total sensory harmony, being at peace with the world, space around me and in my mind.

Sometimes it’s a struggle because movement that steers us away from where we expect our paths to be feels out of our control. We resist the shift; the movement becomes stronger and fights back with twice as much force than we exert. I have learned not to resist that movement and have increased faith that wherever the direction and the tide of movement takes us, I know I will cope. I have coped through far worse ‘checkmates’. I don’t resist the tide, I go with it, and move through it into calmer waters and then take the right channel.

The greatest support and help I have is myself. I had no clue just how strong I could be. That's thanks to the strong bonds with the people I love and trust most. Like my sister and my dearest friends. To me, they are safe. Within safety, there is nothing to prevent, restrict or suppress free movement and expression to be myself. I refer to the beach as 'my beach boyfriend' - he's naturally beautiful, constantly moving, changing, reflecting - and perfectly balanced with stillness. My beach boyfriend changes constantly, yet his beauty remains the same, regardless. He’s always there for me, whenever I need him, he'll never leave me. He’s dependable. He’s safe.

My message to you is this; have faith that movement enriches us. The directions are often unknown. Have faith that movement will take you where you need to be. Balanced with stillness, allow your inner thoughts to move freely, to express, reflect and to dream, and you will achieve harmony and peace.

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