Kasha shares his story

Champion Kasha shares his story as part of our Moving Minds campaign

My name is Kasha and I'm supporting the Moving Minds campaign because living with mental ill health since I was a child has been more than difficult. For much of my time, I felt that I was unusual which prevented me from talking about it and ultimately getting proper treatment.

It was not until I reached my mid-20s and experienced yet another breakdown, that I decided to speak up. I was filled with deep shame to begin with. But it was during my sessions with my mental health liaison practitioner that I came to understand that this was a part of the illness and I wasn't alone.

Since then, I have dedicated my time to promoting mental health awareness, to encourage others to seek help and to recognise the signs. I want people to feel less ashamed about admitting they need help.

This year, I am taking on the London to Brighton cycling challenged for the third time. This time I am doing it for Mind. Through my life I have tried many sports but cycling has always been the one to stick with me. I can't say that I'm a pro cyclist nor can I say that I hit my bike regularly (unless you count the one at the gym). What I can say is that during those times I am on my bike, I feel a great sense of freedom, almost like I am flying down the road.

It's true what they say, that exercise helps lift your mood with all the endorphins and stuff. But if you don't enjoy it to begin with, it will not work.

My message to you is: I recommend you find an activity you enjoy, get a friend involved, and see your mood lift. Even if it is for a little while.

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