Daniel is moving on in mental health

September 2020

The experience of working for West Sussex Mind leads one of our GP practice mental health workers to take on a new challenge in Brighton

Working for West Sussex Mind has helped employee Daniel Hanley continue his exciting career path in mental health.

Daniel, who has been with our charity for two and a half years, has just landed a job with Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service, part of the NHS. He is due to take up a role as a trainee psychological wellbeing practitioner later in September.

“I will be working in the NHS evidence-based therapies service, IAPT, which is similar to West Sussex’s Time to Talk. It will include using some cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) strategies to help patients,” he said.

“The work will be with people who have mild to moderate anxiety and /or depression, which means I will have the chance to help a lot of people.”

Alongside his work, he will do a post graduate certificate in low intensity cognitive behaviour therapies online through Exeter University.

Daniel has most recently been working for West Sussex Mind at GP practices in Worthing as a specialist mental health recovery worker. He worked closely with the GPs to get the right support for people with mental health problems, either discussing with the GP about a specialist referral on to the right service or helping the individuals himself directly at the practice.

“It’s saved so much time, being in the practice and being able to discuss patients and what they need with the GP there and then."

It’s been incredibly rewarding seeing the differences we’ve made to people, often quite quickly.

“Having this role for West Sussex Mind within the GP practices has meant we’ve picked up people who may well have fallen through the gaps. I’ve done short-term pieces of work, seeing people frequently over a short period of time which they have found very helpful and we’ve seen some really good results.”

Working for West Sussex Mind gave Daniel the experience of helping people with a wide variety of diagnoses including schizophrenia, where people are struggling with challenging paranoid and suspicious thoughts.

“Helping them get to the point where they are well enough to get back to work has been very satisfying.

“Some of my work has been with people experiencing anxiety. I’ve been able to show them techniques they can use themselves, help them to understand it better, to see what factors in their life contribute and to find coping strategies.” His work continued, remotely, through the coronavirus crisis.

Prior to working in the GP practices, he worked for a year as a mental health recovery worker at West Sussex Mind’s support hub in Durrington, Worthing.

Before coming to WS Mind, Daniel, who has a BSc in human behavioural studies and a foundation in counselling studies, worked for the Westminster Drug Project.

“I have really valued my time with West Sussex Mind and now I’m looking forward to my new challenge in Brighton.”