Get out there and enjoy nature!

May 2021

Training manager and nature lover Charlotte, shares her tips for making the most of the natural environment to boost mental well-being as we approach Mental Health Awareness Week (May 10-16) and its theme of nature

Every year Mental Health Awareness week takes a different theme and this year it highlights the importance to our mental health of nature and the environment. Enjoying nature and environment and getting out there and being active in it are proven ways to enhance and support our mental health.

Being outside is also the best way to see friends and maintain social distancing, so why not try a few of these ideas:

  • Organise an outdoor coffee break with work colleagues and listen to the bird song
  • Take a photo or do a drawing or painting or collect found objects like a beautiful leaf or a feather each day of the week - something you appreciate about the natural world. If you share this online and let people know how it helps with your sense of mental well-being, you may be doing them some good too
  • Call a friend and see if they'd like to go on a mindful walk together - notice things that you see, smell, hear and feel whilst outside. Keep chat to a minimum and just enjoy the company and the world around you. You might want to listen to Sarah and our Science of Savouring podcast:
  • Getting outdoors every day this month for some exercise will work wonders for your mental health. You might ask your friends to sponsor you in aid of West Sussex Mind to complete your challenge . You could do a different activity for just 30 minutes each day - feel great and do good!
Charlotte Dawber, Training Manager, West Sussex Mind