Expressing myself through singing: Beth's story

November 2022

Beth speaks about her the positive impact joining the West Sussex Mind singing group has had on her mental well-being

Some time ago, I had a mental breakdown. I began getting support from West Sussex Mind – in one-to-one sessions with a support worker and I took part in various courses and groups to help me manage my mental health. One of the support workers then suggested that I try the singing group.

I’ve been going to the group now for around six weeks, and it has already had a really positive impact on my life. It enables me to meet up and socialise with others each week and to express myself through singing. Another big bonus for me is the singing group leader, who is really amazing.

Although I still have good days and bad days, going to the singing group and meeting new people has been a really positive step forward for me


I’m more confident, I have made friends and I look forward to going to the group on Thursdays.

Put simply, attending the group makes me feel happy – and, if I have any worries, it helps me to get them off my mind.