The cost of living and the impact on our mental health

January 2023

Keith Prance of Rehab Recovery shares his infographic about the stark effects the cost of living crisis is having on people's mental health and the effects on different demographics. He offers tips and resources to help cope with the pressure of making ends meet

In depth cost of living crisis on UK mental health infographic

If you're feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed or even scared about the current cost of living crisis, then you are not alone. A recent study carried out by the Office for National Statistics found that nine in every 10 adults living in the UK are currently seeing a dramatic increase in the cost of living, which has ripple effects throughout society.

The news, social media – and, most likely, your personal bank balance – offer regular reminders of the current reality. People are reducing car journeys and taking up cycling, there are those cutting out yearly holidays and, in the most challenging of circumstances, people have to choose between heating the house and food items.

It’s only natural that this type of environment is having a serious impact on stress levels. For some, it’s exacerbating mental health illnesses, addictions and physical ailments. And it's placing strain on family dynamics and relationships, as family members are forced into working more hours to cover bills.

All of this has a huge impact on our mental health. SHOUT, the text-based mental health support service, has created some tips on how to remain positive during times like these. They maintain that in times of crisis, it's important to remember that you are not alone. Right now, everyone is in the same boat. They also state that you should try to be as open and honest about your financial situation, if you are struggling and need help.

You could look for some helpful resources, including Citizens Advice's cost of living pages. And SHOUT reminds you to look after your physical health during tough times. This is because exercising and eating healthily all contribute to better mental health during tough times. Finally, take one day and one thing at a time - and don't panic.

My infographic reveals some more statistics on the cost of living crisis and how this is impacting our mental health.

About the author

Keith is one of the founders of Rehab Recovery, an organisation that brings together people who've been affected by addiction and mental health issues. Keith has himself been in recovery for 23 years and stopped using drugs and alcohol over ten years ago. He is head of content strategy at Rehab Recovery.

Other resources

See our web page for getting help with the cost of living, which brings together local organisations and resources that can help.