Well-being at work

The resilience skills of managers and staff are one of the most important criteria for business success. Our two-hour workshop can help

This workshop will help you understand how to increase your own and others' well-being. You will take away a toolkit of practical ideas for your workplace, leading to improved performance and happier people.

By training managers to anticipate staff needs, situations can be prevented from escalating and people can access important early support.

Main areas to be covered:

• key ideas about mental health and well-being

• physiology of stress and how this impacts mind and body

• meeting your own and others' emotional needs

• activities that activate an 'anti-stress' response with the vagus nerve

• five ways to wellbeing

• creating good sleep habits

• participation in a mindfulness exercise.

This workshop is £450 per session and we can train up to 50 people.

If you'd like to know more about this or other mental health courses for your workplace, please email

training@westsussexmind.org or call: 07468 516818.

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