Managing mental health at work

This three-hour session will develop managers and provide the information to better understand and manage signs and symptoms of mental health conditions in their staff

Through group work and open conversation, this three-hour session will give you confidence to handle conversations around mental health at work.

It includes:

• the impact of poor mental health in your workplace

• equipping managers with skills to discuss mental health challenges with employees in a supportive way while respecting professional boundaries and maintaining their own mental well-being

• the 'reasonable adjustments' needed for an employee to return and stay in work, whilst considering the larger impact on the team as a whole.

• the core needs of staff in the workplace and how you may engage in conversations to create a culture that promotes well-being

• the signs and causes of poor mental health and how these present in the workplace

• remote and hybrid workers' needs

• practical tools to support your team or organisation to become more oriented around well-being and positive about mental health in the workplace.

This workshop can be delivered on-line or face to face.

£650 per session and we can train up to 20 people

If you'd like to know more about this or other mental health courses for your workplace, please email or call: 07468 516818.

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