Symptoms and behaviours: ADHD

ADHD is a neurological disorder that impacts the parts of the brain that help us plan, focus, and execute tasks. Symptoms are wide-ranging and not everyone will present all symptoms or in the same way. But the common symptoms are hyperactivity, inattentiveness and mood instability. Other symptoms and behaviours associated with ADHD include:

● carelessness and lack of attention to detail

● continually starting new tasks before finishing old ones

● poor organisational skills

● inability to focus or prioritise

● continually losing or misplacing things

● forgetfulness

● restlessness and edginess

● difficulty keeping quiet, and speaking out of turn

● blurting out responses and often interrupting others

● mood swings, irritability and a quick temper

● inability to deal with stress

● extreme impatience

● taking risks in activities, often with little or no regard for personal safety or the safety of others – for example, driving dangerously.

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