Kirk Lord

Meet trustee Kirk

I came to West Sussex Mind as a service user after being prescribed some steroids that lead to steroid-induced psychosis. This also led to depression and anxiety and brought me to West Sussex Mind to help me manage this. Mental health has been an interest of mine for a long time. My previous security roles meant I came across many people who were struggling mentally and this sparked an interest and a desire to learn more.

I have been volunteering with West Sussex Mind since 2016 as a peer mentor. When I was invited to speak on my peer mentoring experience at a West Sussex Mind AGM, I was able to meet the trustees and discuss the role and share our interests. This led to me joining the Board of Trustees myself. I am able to bring my experience as a service user to the role of trustee, providing an insight into what works and how we can make the most beneficial decisions for our community. I also look forward to learning more about West Sussex Mind and its services during my time as a trustee.

I am particularly passionate about ensuring mental health awareness is taught in schools. I have experienced first-hand how little support there is for school children who are struggling with their mental health. Therefore, I would love to see mental health become more integrated into schools, teaching children the signs and skills that can help them to understand and deal with mental illness as they get older.

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