Bob Smytherman

Meet trustee Bob

My personal experience with mental health issues has led me to become very passionate about mental health support and ensuring people can get the help they need. My sister suffered from postnatal depression and unfortunately took her own life. I felt she was unable to access the support she needed and so it's important to me that people not only know that they deserve support but that this support is accessible to them.

I am able to bring my experience of local government to the role of trustee. I have 20 years' experience in local government, before retiring from politics for my own well-being. I now work part-time as a community member pioneer for Co-op UK, supporting local groups and charities with the Local Community Fund.

I also have extensive lived experience with mental illness. In addition to my sister, her son also took his own life, and my other sister is in residential care due to injuries sustained from her struggles with mental illness. I can therefore bring this experience and my strategic skills to the role of trustee at West Sussex Mind.

I have a particular passion for our anti-stigma work. We all have mental health and we need to know not only how to look after it, but also where we can get help and support from. I'm also passionate about our fundraising and communications work. Fundraising not only allows us to do what we do, but it also allows us to communicate that West Sussex Mind is here for people who need support.

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