Martin Sherred

Meet trustee Martin

I have a long-standing interest in mental health support, completing my specialist mental health training at the Maudsley Psychiatric Hospital, and I was a practising approved social worker under the Mental Health Act for many years. Through this role, I was introduced to Mind and its important work that benefitted its service users.

I felt in tune with what West Sussex Mind was trying to achieve and that drew me to becoming a trustee.

My roles in mental health and the county council have given me direct and operational experience that I can bring to the role. I was involved in the West Sussex out-of-hours service for over 20 years and was the responsible manager for that service for three years. This highlighted to me the lack of support available for those in need out of hours and that is something l think is important to address.

In addition, I feel it is vital to improve the level of social support available to those who are struggling; through employment, activities and the chance to talk with others to feel less isolated. West Sussex Mind can assist in this as well as being the crucial link to other organisations that can provide support. It is about bridging the gap between professional medical mental health support and social support. As so many are likely to experience mental health issues at some point in their life, West Sussex Mind must be there for those who need us.

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