Fatima Boesdorfer

Meet trustee Fatima

I have witnessed an increase in mental health problems among my social circle, family and in the wider community, particularly in the last few years. I wanted to become a trustee at West Sussex Mind, because I wanted to use my skills and experience to make a difference and to help.

It’s great that mental health can now be discussed with less judgement and negativity than before, but we still have long way to go. I once attended a mental health awareness day in a previous job that was run by West Sussex Mind. I was impressed with how hard the charity works to reach out to our local community.

I work for the NHS as a health analyst and I have many years of experience working in large public-sector organisations. I hope to use my career skills to support the Board at West Sussex Mind in continuing to successfully oversee and steer the charity. I'm looking forward to raising awareness about the importance of mental health and the vital services that are available through West Sussex Mind.

As a mother, children's mental health is of particular interest to me and I believe passionately that this is something that children should be taught about from a young age. It’s an honour to join West Sussex Mind and at a time when we as society can finally have more open discussions about mental health and with less prejudice and stigma.

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